I’m John Wick for like 2 minutes

Date: 7/5/2019

By Headphone

I’m getting a call from a rich man and his son wants to fight me and I accept. I used to do kickboxing so I thought it would be cool. I’m told the fight is at the Randy cuture gym which was my old gym where I did kickboxing. I get over there by some means not sure how. Once I get in I find it’s 21 savages son and he’s all pumped up ready fight almost looks mad. I calmly tell him hey I haven’t fought in a long time I’m gonna be rusty. He tells me nothing and just keeps hyping himself up. Before we get to started the door gets busted down and and a fat man comes in with a private swat team not cops and tranquilizes a man. He says, “it’s fine everyone I’m just here to question this man”. Everyone else sits down and we are silently held hostage. I get shot by a tranquilizer and by friends do too( not sure when my friends here or how). We later find out it’s a mix of tranquilizer and tracking device. The device was small and looked like a tac for papers. After this I turned around and told a friend behind me wouldn’t it be cool if I went full John wick mode and killed all the guards. He said yea but it wouldn’t happen. At some point I said something to the man and he got pissed. He shot 4 tranquilizers in each of my shins. I start crying in agony and the fat boss takes off with the man. I realize time is running out I have to make a move. I take the tacs out of myself and run up to a guard. I go up to him and push a tac in his forehead which makes him drop the gun and scream( I was only able to do this since the guard was so confused that I was running up to him with a tac). I then elbow him in the face, take his gun, and shoot him in the head. I ran back carrying him as a shield whilst taking his 1 mag. I know more guards are coming since I just raised an alarm. Everyone starts running around like crazy, panicking. A few second later a guard in red walks around the corner. I quickly aim, bang right in the head. The man Drops to the floor and my friend Andrew runs around he corner. I yell at him ,”Grab the fucking gun!”. Andrew scurries over and takes the gun from the red guard. He then says now what. Give it here I reply. I take this new gun that’s loads very awkwardly by sliding instead of pushing up into the gun. The mag is actually fucked up and loose but I don’t have time for the issue. I tell Andrew ruuuuun!!!! I run over the the first guard I killed and find a red keycard. I then start sprinting towards an exit. Along the way a guard appears, bang quickly end him with a headshot. All entrances are crowded with kids from my school but I didn’t have time to think about how they got here. All of the sudden I hear a yell, “ They blocked the entrance! There’s a guard! Fuck exits scuffed I quickly find another and run out. As I get out in my hand I have my puma bag with some random bullshit. I’m holding a water and a gun in one hand along with papers and puma bag in the other. I happen to meet with Steve outside who’s also in a huge hurry to get out. Hey Steve I know the area follow me. He responds with a quick nod and we take off to he right where there are small houses resembling slums. The houses were stacked like favelas. We run for what seems like forever and eventually leave the slum area and run up a steep mountain that has lots of sand and dirt in it, very loose. We get to a ditch and I finally put away all the shit in my bag. I tell steve, “ we need to get an Uber and get out of here”. He agrees and before we start running we see 2 red dots on our mini map( yes I know a mini map it sounds crazy but it was in my dream). The 2 red dots were volunteers from the fat mans company and he ordered then to find us since he knew somehow that we were in the area of them. I yell at steve and say, “how the hell could they know where we are? is your tracking device off you??!” Turns out he still had a tac in his head, which he just now pulled out. We take off again this time towards the downtown area to lose the volunteers chasing us. I see some boats and tell steve,” what about a boat?”( the boats were in a clear lake that looked like a tourist attraction)He said no bad idea we will get stuck and found”. I quickly agree and we head to the downtown. As we get close to the buildings I tell steve, who has now turned into nick( my other friend) order the Uber so we can get the fuck out of here. He starts using his fancy watch to do it which takes forever to do. I yell at him “omfg we don’t have time for this hurry up”!!! He said, “I’m trying calm down”. He finally gets it and a google map pops up in my face where the Uber is and when it’s coming. We run straight down an alleyway and on the way I see a room which looks like a break room. It looks like a place where we could hide. I don’t give it much thought and we keep running. Soon after we reach a road with a zoo in the area .The zoo members are transferring animals to a new zoo it looks like. At this point I tell nick we should go see the police and tell them. Nick responds with, “no they are probably corrupt and will just turn us in for the reward.” Nick and I quickly realize we are in Peru. ( side note, the Randy cuture gym where I was meant to fight the rich guys son is in Nevada. Apparently were in Peru when we walked out of the gym) As we are looking for a hiding spot a zoo worker walks up to us and says, “ hey are you 2 lost? can I help you?” I start to get nervous, not sure weather or not to trust him since he might turn us in. I wake up( even though I woke up I wish there could have been more to the dream. So I’m just gonna predict what happens next even though everything that comes next is made up.) We tell the guy no thanks and he just shrugs. I’m relieved he didn’t care and we go back to hide in the break room like area. We lock the door and just eat food while we wait for the uber. Later, Nick checks his watch and sees the Uber is ready for us so we walk outside cautiously. No one is there so we run over and get in the Uber, a rolls Royce. I give him the address and he says in an accent, “ Are you sure? that’s very far my friend”. I told him “yes I know” and slid him the 300 or so dollars me and nick had between us. As I was handing it so him I said I’ll give you more once we reach our destination this is all I have for now. He squints at me and gives me a funny look but takes the money. We drive off and that’s the end. 👏🏻👏🏻