Gay demon romance???

Date: 7/21/2017

By pea-p0d

I was trapped in this giant house full of Demons and they were all trying to eat me and the other humans there. It was said that there was a safe place from the demons at the top of the building but it was near impossible to reach. I decided to hideaway in an empty room until the hallway was clear and I could make a run for the stairs but I didn't make it because a demon popped out all of a sudden. I had to run back to my room but there was already a demon that took over it. She didn't notice me yet but I couldn't get the door open to flee. I could hear her saying something to herself as she stood by the window. She started climbing onto the window sill and I realized the demon was about to take her own life. I ran over to her and told her to not do this. She threatened that she would kill me if I didn't back off but I was persistent. I pulled her over onto the floor, I don't know how I did it being so much shorter than her and her being a powerful demon but somehow I pulled it off. I gave her a talk about the situation and some advice about how to get through it hoping that she would change her mind. In the end she did change her mind and decided not to jump but she had other plans too. I realized the situation I had gotten myself into once her eyes started changing color; she was planning on killing me. I tried to get away but she had paralyzed me somehow. She came over and got ready to slit my throat but in the end she couldn't do it. She sat down on the bed and told me that she would let me off for helping her. She let me stay in one corner of the room for a few weeks as well because I obviously didn't have anywhere I could go. Over the time I was there we actually became friends and then something more. I told her after a few weeks that I would get out of her hair and leave so I was getting ready to go but she stopped me said that she didn't want me to go. She said she had grown fond of me and that she had developed feeling for me. I didn't know what to say a demon was confessing her attraction to me, just some random human girl she happened to bump into! And the weirdest part was that I had feelings for her too. I said that I might have feeling for her too. And then we kissed and then we kissed some more. She told me that she didn't even want to kill humans but was forced to and that's why she was trying to end it all when we first met. After this she helped me escape the house and we said our goodbyes. I started walking away and turned around to see her still standing there. I said fuck it and started walking back towards her. She asked if I forgot something and I said that I did and then proceeded to passionately kiss her. After the whole making out thing I asked her to leave with me and she said the whole cheesy " I though you'd never ask" thing. I know this entire thing has been cringy and cheesy but that part especially. We then left the creepy dungeon house and then I know more stuff happened but I can't remember more than that. Overall ''twas a pretty eventful dream, I give it a 10 out of 10. Very nice lesbian romance which I need once in a while because I am depraved of a love life irl.