The Land of Vision

Date: 5/24/2017

By Bird_777

I call this dream 'The Land of Vision'. I had this dream well over 14 years ago, but I have remembered it daily since that moment. In reality, I was asleep, but I was taken up in the Spirit and placed into a land that I have only seen through pictures and videos. I woke up in the vision by a tree. The tree was in a field surrounded by stone. The field was located in a valley, surrounding the valley were many hills and mountains. There were many streams of water flowing from every hill and every mountain and they created one stream that surrounded the wall of stone that surrounded the field. There was a Shephard, and a Lion, and they led many People with Sheep. And there was a well in the field that gave life to all that sought after it's water. I saw many staffs leaning against it with a bucket of water that overflowed. I stood by it and received many visions and heard the voice of one like the Almighty. Then I heard a voice speak unto me and say, "Son, see these visions that I show you, and the land before your eyes? Now take the reed standing in the waters before you, from the very stream that flows around this field. And it shall help you cross over onto dry ground, even into the valley before the field on which you stand." So I took the reed from the river and then the voice spoke to me again and said, "Take this reed into your hands and step into the water. Keep your eyes on the sky and your feet in the water!" After I obeyed the command of the voice, I passed over onto dry ground and continued to walk forward. Then I saw a man holding an empty frame as I fell to my knees in what appeared to be a sandstorm. I knew that I was in a desert, because of the sandstorm, the hills of sand, and the clothes the man was wearing. After this I looked and saw a mountain to the West (by the Great Sea), a mountain to the East (toward the banks of the Field), a village to the North (near the Promised Land), and a field to the South (from where I came). Then I woke up. The vision isn't clear enough to put together with several others.