Ghost Leaves the Reasons Why She Killed Herself

Date: 5/3/2017

By ace200

My house was haunted, it was terrifying. Lights were going on and off, even thought I was with my family in our living room. Things would bang. I felt the sense someone wanted to hurt me. It was storming outside, yet whenever I turned around I saw the outline of a girl looking in the window. Eventually my dad went outside. No one was there, but the cats escaped so I had to grab them and get them back inside. A girl apparently died years back. I guess she used to live in my house, so my mom gave me a box the girl left behind for her family years ago that was still in our house. It was full of paper cranes and origami. As I looked through it, bad things happened around me. I would hear thumping in other rooms and things would move. I knew the girl was there, and she was not happy. She was mad. I told my dad I wanted to sell a dress I had, but he got mad at me because he kept putting it outside, but it would turn up again inside. I knew it was the girl, but he didn't believe me. He would say, "Ally, make up your mind! Sell the dress or not?!" A diary entry in the box said that the dead girl once beat up a little boy (this dead girl sounded very aggressive). So then I was outside and saw a little boy on a little bike, and his parents treated me like I was the dead girl, even though I didn't beat him up. I think I felt the sense to hurt the boy, but I didn't. I was reliving the dead girl's life as I read her diary entries, and she was making it happen to me. I read that the dead girl had a stepmother, I'm pretty positive. The stepmother was very mean to the dead girl. I then heard thumping and went into my dad's room to see a chair shaking super hard. I didn't know what to do, so I ran out back to my room with the box. It was becoming clear that the girl killed herself, and the box was lists of bad things she did and bad things that happened to her, the reasons why she killed herself. The box was so full and her presence was always there, it was very scary. The dead girl always felt angry and so negative and like she always wanted to hurt me. I remember being in a forest, where the dead girl could not follow, with a blanket that beetles kept coming on and I made my dad come, and I showed him everything in the box. Letters, jewelry, etc. There was also a stick I pulled out with these dots on it. I poked a dot and ants came out so I threw the stick. He acted like I was making everything up and the box was fake, even though it looked so old fashioned and dusty and legit. When my mom came home from work, I told her the box was horrifying to go through because the girl was clearly in our house. She apologized. Apparently I made a box, but mine was stupid and the dead girl's was much prettier. My mom then gave me her own box full of jewelry. There were a lot of blues, reds, and blacks. I was then in New York with my family and we were seeing the Great Comet of 1812. I remember something about buying a hat. We went to a sushi place and the media kids were there and I got so embarrassed. We met the guy who played Anatole, but he was cocky and I was awkward. I was then in school and still upset about a dead girl at my house. Evelyn N started singing in our classroom, I think I Dreamed a Dream, and somehow I started sliding around on the floor.