Please tell me what this means?!?!?

Date: 7/28/2017

By nainairose

My crush and I hated each other in the dream. I'm real life we're buddies. It's not like I'm currently crushing on him because I moved but I felt like he liked a little but back at home. I haven't thought about him at all until this dream. And for some reason he was trying to steal my headphones and we've gotten into many arguments in the dream about that. So there were two girls who were kind of like groupies to him and they hated me also. They worked with him to steal my headphones and one day I got them stolen. I went to my friends house crying because when they stole it they spilled everything including my phone and my wallet. So then my friends mom helped my get everything back, but before I did that I told him off. Then when I got everything back he kissed me. The next day I don't remember even if he asked me out but it was almost like I was a princess. Then after that everything was done for me. Then this man I was having conversations with