Golf tournament with Rickie and JT

Date: 2/11/2019

By dazednconfusd

Was getting ready to play in a golf tournament with RF and JT! We were warming up on the range and my dad was thrrr too but then I realized my golf bag wasn’t there. One of the workers brings up another orange bag but it’s Rickies - I start to panick and go down the road. I’m then in an office while it’s raining outside and Nick is there asking me to go to some meeting “are you sure you don’t want $5 to go to this?” Yes I’m sure as I roll my eyes at him and rush back to the course. I get there and talk to the Puma folks, run upstairs, and find all my stuff only to realize I’m too late, the tourney had started and I received a DNF. A lady was there trying to explain that she was helping me but I was upset and told her it was all her fault. Later, I am in an Addidas store and Sergio Ramos comes in w an agent and it looks like he’s signing on for a bunch of new clothes and equipment to be a field goal kicker. I am talking with his agent looking at cool hats and socks. I then ask if he can score a drew brees jersey for me, which he does! I’m star struck and remember putting on my shoes in front of him only to find my laces an absolute tangled mess!