the lucid dream with magic

Date: 8/27/2017

By Tjika

Before this dream started I had another one (well sort of another, I didn't wake up in between). I don't really remember what I did there, but I know it was weird and ended in some sort of city. That's where the lucid dream started. It felt like I woke up after the previous dream, but at the same time I knew I was still dreaming. Maybe I can better describe it as if I had time left in the dream world after finishing the story of the previous dream, so I got some free time there. I wasn't at all surprised about the switch from normal dream to lucid and immediately knew what I was going to do. In real life I sort of think of things to do in lucid dreams when I have them, since I usually remember other dreams and real life memories in my dreams. First I jumped up from the street and flew through the city. Next I remembered I have trouble using fire in lucid dreams ever since I burned my hands in another dream by trying to use fire magic, and since lucid dreams never last long I decided to try something else. I came across a stream flowing through the city. I tried to use water magic and lift up the water in the form of a ball. It was really easy and that sort of surprised me. I suddenly had friends standing behind me and they were lucid dreaming too. I didn't pay attention to what they did, but we all had great fun doing it. I noticed at some point that the water ball in my left hand was substantially bigger than the one in my right one. I wondered why and thought it might have something to do with the scar in the form of a water droplet that I have on my left hand in real life (not sure if I had it in my dream too, I never saw it). After a while we said our goodbyes because we knew the dream was going to end. I wanted to exchange real life adresses so we could meet for real, but I knew we couldn't, because if I met them in real life, telling the difference between dreams and reality would become too difficult. Then I woke up.