The House

Date: 7/24/2019

By Dreamer2544

On a hill there were newly developed houses, some not even fully built. At the very top of incredibly steep hills, is K, G, and B’s. In my moms red car is my sister, myself, and my mom. There is no room to park so I drop everyone off at the house. My friend (Male #1) is at the bottom of the hill ready to walk with me. These hills are steep and the fresh black top makes it slick, like you step on it and you slide. I fell twice but finally make it to the top. Inside the house, part of it was so modern with an open layout and gorgeous. The other part was dark wooden cabinets and run down 70’s appliances. My mom being nosy, as am I, I go along with her on the tour she is about to give herself. All the rooms look normal and modern until I see a wall/door split horizontally. The bottom half is open and I can see a what looks like an old kitchen. Kinda looks like a horror film. My mom opens it and it’s a small kitchen/bathroom. I hear B and K saying get out of there, that’s someone’s room, getting really defensive. B later says it’s nasty that she sleeps next to a toilet, but no one is aloud to use it. So i’m guessing its B bedroom. I ask where the usable bathroom is because I have to use it. At this point I have been drinking and i’m intoxicated. When I reach the bathroom the door is cracked and as I push it open, I see a stream of pee. (Male 2, who at the time I knew who it was) I make my way back into the living room where the conversation is becoming vulgar and I tell my mom and sister it’s time for them to go. I try to go to the bathroom again, this time I open a door to what looks like a closet, but out of the corner of my eye slightly looks like the bathroom/kitchen. A pile of clothes fall on my head and I look out to see K popping out of bed. It seems to be her room. J then helps me up. No idea if he came from the hall or the bed. As I apologize on the verge of tears (from the alcohol and embarrassment) they laugh and K insures me that it is okay. J walks me back out to the living room. My friend (Male 1) asks to use my moms car to bring his elderly grandmother up the road, I say yes and give him the keys. (In reality my mom has left and there should be no car and I know he has a vehicle.) When he is gone, I talk with the girls of the house. Nothing out of place, just chit chatter. When my friend comes back, he is told that I bitched about him going to get his grandma. Then in the dream realizing “Male 1” is my boyfriend, I ask him if we can go to bed. We go to one of the nice remodeled bedrooms. I’m not sure whose room but thinking back, It was probably his. We lay down and he seems a little standoffish from what he was told earlier. I go in and out of sleep, super uncomfortable. Every time I open my eyes he is on his phone. I ask him if he will cuddle me and he says yes. I look at the clock and it’s 5am and ask if we can go back to my place. I live with my mom in the dream but know she won’t bother us. He agrees and we get up to leave. He tells me he will be right out.