Harry styles and chace Lewis makeout lol

Date: 5/29/2017

By pheeniealexandra

Basically we were all going to this movie and I don't remember the movie but I was in the car with my dad and my Eckerd friends were running and they were trying to break in so they didn't have to pay so they like snuck past guards and shit that were in front of these wire fences with trees and grass all around and michael like dug under a fence and started running and this security guard was chasing him and he just ran around and started laughing and then we got to the buzz where the movie was and chace Lewis walked in with me and we sat on the couch together and I was like a little uncomfortable because I didn't want michael to feel weird. And then I was like "I wanna pee" and chace was like "are you trying to brush your teeth real quick? ;)" and then Harry styles walked up and they were like bffs and started talking and joke hitting on each other and I was sitting between them and like low under them and then they like joke made out and I was lowkey hot it was wack. And then the dream changed and we were outside at night watching this girl make algae blooms and I explained the process to michael of the taking of the algae and bringing it to a lab and creating a culture and then putting it back in the ocean and they were like yellow perfect rectangles and then it was nighttime and the bioluminescence was sparkling everywhere and sam Martinez was there and I was crying because I was sad and didn't understand why he didn't tell me he was leaving