The drowning girl

Date: 8/26/2017

By safvy

There was a little girl playing in our back yard.. Short Asian Kid with black hair. She was in our back ( my sister and I) yard that had a fence but was extremely flooded with water!!! (About 15 feet) As we watch her play & ask herself how will she get home.. she jumps in to then get to the other side. She starts drowning.. as I realize she can't actually swim I jump in immediately to save her. When we get out of the pool, we weren't wet or anything but I was glad she was safe. I then carried her to a place I thought was her home (which was the same apts as me) and she said she doesn't actually live there. I remember seeing the inside of the not so nice apartments that looked different than I imagined mine although we never went inside... I offered to drive her home in which I did.. she lived about 15 mins away so I wonder why she was over at my place. The car I was driving had very bad brakes so it took about 7 seconds for it to stop so I was sure I couldn't go fast. As we are almost to her house, this guy is asking me about some speakers or something like that and trying to show me and I'm kinda like oh cool I have to go and he said "fine go be with the Devil" or some shit. Anyway, we arrive at her house, no conversation in the car.. (my sister was still with me the whole time) I get to this house way off in the woods, And I come in wishing to speak with her parents about what happened although earlier she had wished I didn't. I told them how she almost drowned and I saved her and I'm just really happy she is safe. Her dad was actually a Hispanic looking black male.. kinda overweight sitting back in the chair &I her mother pretty much looked the same race, just red & black short hair & kind of thin. She Sat at the table eating food. SOON after they were walking up stairs saying good night & she grabbed a blanket on the couch. December & I exited no one ever locking the door. I see a few people outside in a car next to mine it scared me. My sister just kept walking fiercely to my beat up reddish rusted Honda. There stood this tall. Black girl saying odd things. I literally didn't wanna go past her. Finally I'm like excuse me and get in the car so fast!!!! Oh she was saying something like there is too many people standing or something like that!!! Freaking strange! When I get in, I back all the way up... because of my stupid breaks it was hard for me to fully stop to put it in drive. I seen a black fence and another entity I believe but they were l signaling for me to pull forward! I did. And soon we were on the road again. We decided to stop by Starbucks on the way back. The environment felt different. It's like I was aware this wasn't real life but I wasn't aware this was a dream ---- puts you at a lost stage of acceptance. I go in and order a Tall frap that I don't remember having to pay for. 15 mins go by and I still have nothing so I go up like hey this is ridiculous I've been waiting for my frap and there like oh okay coming right up while another work goes to the back and was like "Hey did you still want the candy" as if I had seen her before in a previous dream and she is keeping her word until this time. I pick thru the candy, don't even remember getting my drink but I leave... I soon remember seeing & hearing the gospel. It felt really good. I felt this sensation of how I've never felt down in the real world. I started seeing this pinkish whitish sky with beautiful, full thick clouds that had the gospel playing from it... calm her it was amazing actually. Didn't last long (it was in my head it felt I was there watching the clouds be there and the gospel playing) Next thing I know I'm talking to some army dudes about how we can get enough planes for something and throwing out ideas that we all laughed about. I remember seeing Rihanna in thinking this is what the privileged get to do Next thing I know, I'm at a BBQ & I see my cousin. From another( is BBQ I see the naw