Taliná to the rescue

Date: 6/25/2019

By Talinas

I had two dreams in one night about this odd location where parties are held. The first one: I was at a party with my family/ I got to see my dad Javier and my sister Karina who was being silly with me. I hugged my dad and noticed he wasn’t well. He was telling me how he doesn’t have much energy anymore. I told him to sit and enjoy the family. Other cousins of mine where there too. All of the Santana family was there. Karina was so funny and playful with me. She was showing me her new tattoo. And how she loves what she does now as an artist. I’m so proud of her success. I saw my aunts and uncles and I had a great time with everyone. I told my husband about this location and he thought it would be a good idea to go see it and possibly have an event for his job there too. Second Dream: I was walking out because my best friend Christen is suppose to pick me up to take me to the building. But instead our friend Ryan picked me up with her car. He was at the passenger side. I asked him where Christen is and he said she’s waiting for us. He opened the door so I could sit in the back. It was weird because the car was driving on it’s on for about an then he sit on the drivers side and drive me there himself. When I got there, I noticed no one was around. The building looks abandoned and tall. Missing windows. There were some cars parked to the side. I thought it was weird. I could hear my husbands and Christens voice and from a distance in the building. I walk in. Then I heard gunshots. I sneaked into a room. I was looking around for a weapon when suddenly a man comes out and points a gun to me. Then Ryan barges in and beats the guy. He says, “Take his gun and stay here.” I took the guys gun and stayed in the room. I heard many more gunshots. I could hear my husband from a distance telling Christen to take the elevator. Then silence. I peeked out of the room and a man in a white shirt is holding this tiny almost invisible gun at me. I shoot first and watch him fall. I take his gun and another gunman tried to shoot. I quickly went back in the room and hide to the left to surprise him. He walks in and boom. I shout him too. And right behind him I was another gunman. I hear my little sisters voice and I told myself I’m not dying. I shot that guy too. I took their guns and went off looking for my little sister. I found Jess. In my dream, she was a little girl. Like when she was five with her cute curly hair and pale skin with pink cheeks. She was riding one of those 80s wheelers. I told her I needed to find the elevator and I knew where to go. We went down the hall and I looked into the kitchen. There were a few people there just sitting and waiting. I went in and noticed a bracelet with my best friends initials, CD. And a charm but I don’t remember what it looked like. This girl said, “They we’re hiding in there and then went upstairs.” I looked under this metal cabinet where her dry food is kept and instead I saw a bunch of broken down bracelets and other stuff. I could see they were there because part of Christens bracelet was there too. I took the bracelet and put it in my pocket. I told Jess to follow me. We went towards the elevator. I saw a delivery person coming with a giant box and wanted to catch the elevator before he did. Somehow my sister turned into a lizard. So I picked her up and put her in my top pocket. Apparently I was wearing the jumper. When I opened my pocket I saw money inside. So I put her in there and on the floor next to me was another five dollar bill and some singles so I took those and also put them in my pocket. Now that I’m in the elevator and look at the buttons and is only four buttons. I can pick the second floor the third floor and then there’s a button to open or closed the elevator door. However the buttons were not clear and you can barely see it. So I kept pressing every button. I looked around and I noticed that the left wall of the elevator was missing and you can see all the wives. The elevator next to us which is on the left was not working so when the guy came forward with the packages he told me he will wait. He pressed the buttons for me. Once I got to the third floor, it looked like I was entering a court room. There were two guys in front of me. My right hand was in my right pocket holding a gun. Just Incase. But these guys were nice. I told him I was looking for a room. They told me I was in the right place. I walked in, they take the elevator down. There’s seats to the left, carpet floor (old and dingy), and a small window to speak with someone but no one was there. Next to the window was a door. And next to that door was another door. So I open the first door and it was a room full of cats. Like a gold bunch of them. As if it’s a kennel for cats. The second door was the door I needed to go. That’s where my husband and my best friend where. I made sure I had my guns with me and I slowly walk in .... My alarm woke me up.