Mountain Hut

Date: 5/20/2017

By kylebolender

I'm going into sleep paralysis. I hear the electronics buzzing noise and my eardrums suddenly shut off. A scene slowly starts to form around me. I'm careful to not start moving too quickly yet and I let the dream completely form before I start moving. Once the dream forms I find myself in this hut. I walk down this small ladder into this dim room filled with dark blue water. There is neon green, glowing mold on the walls. It looks so otherworldly and beautiful in this room. On the walls there are many windows. I go into the room and step into the water. It feels like it's the perfect temperature. I fully submerge my body excluding my head. The water feels so nice. I slowly swim over to the window. Outside I can see mountains; I realize this hut is on a mountain. There is lots of green grass. There's a couple cars outside the hut. I swim up to a little exit. I open the door and some of the water spills out onto the ground outside. I walk around. The view is so beautiful on the mountain. I decide to go into this bathroom. The bathroom is a park-like public bathroom. When I walk in, I see that there are a bunch of stalls. I open this cupboard door and I see some shaving supplies. I decide to shave because I can't think of anything better to do. I grab the razor and shaving cream and walk towards the mirror. I can feel the dream is starting to fade. When I get to the mirror I realize the shaving cream bottle has turned into a ketchup bottle. I put some ketchup in my hands. I'm determined to shave with it. I look in the mirror and there are a bunch of people at tables eating behind me as if this was a restaurant. I go up to a man and punch him in the face. I wake up.