Alien Training Facility & A Sexual Encounter

Date: 4/4/2019

By AngelicSword

For whatever reason in this dream I was a chick with a great rack. Anyways, I went to this very fucked up elite training facility with a friend of mine. Based on a performance we were given ranks individually. He had made a lower rank than me and obsessed over it for a long time and had disturbing dreams about it such as being butchered and eaten. (so I experienced a dream within a dream I guess). I ended up being a rank higher than him and was moved to a different area. I was paired with a hot chick who was sexually interested in me. Apparently we were room mates or something for a short bit. She invited me into the shower area and I saw her naked. She layed me down on a bed and got on top of me saying that "We'll establish our new relationship". She then got off of me and went between my legs, pulled my panties aside, and started rubbing my clit. (It was very strange experiencing womanly pleasure since I'm a man). We got split up again and I was taken to a bunk bed area with red light drowning out everything. Very ominous looking. The beds were just metal, rectangular holes in the wall. After a bit, a guy came in saying that was our instructor or something. He was telling us what we would be doing and such. There were maybe 20 other people sitting in bed areas similar to mine. We were in a rectangular room so I could see some of the others clearly in their own bunks. When the instructor was in the middle of the room and was talking to us, a participant in the training started acting weird. He was huge with long legs and arms and his skin was completely black. He almost filled up the entire rectangular bed in the wall, he was that big. He looked almost like a demon and he was making weird almost crying sounds which clearly put everyone else on edge, including me. It was quite disturbing. The instructor then told us to get out our sketches of creatures and a new friend I had made let me use one of his. It was a shaded sketch or the loch ness monster or something. The instructor then demonstrated a technique on me showing everyone how to rip out someone's wrist artery with a 3 fingered claw grip. End.