sleep paralysis

Date: 3/25/2017

By nexus

I was sleeping and having these small dreams and I've been thinking about consciousness and how it works and stuff so when I saw bally had that small window of opportunity I was able to enter sleep paralysis but it wasn't as scary as it is to most people which isn't really a good thing, since there are two reasons why people hate sleep paralysis one is they aren't able to move and the other is because something is usually popping out in front of you making you panic and stuff so when I was in sleep paralysis I was about to see things pop out at me but I stopped it since I thought they would distract me from either leaving my body or lucid dreaming but that was my mistake since people use vibrations to elevate their frequency which is how they astral project I didn't raise my frequency I couldn't leave but at least now i know for next time to just let it happen