Date: 5/4/2017

By Kitsune

So today I am sick. I do not know if that's the cause but I remembered this dream much more vivid. I dreamt that I was going to one of those kid-playgrounds. I mean one of those climbing cages. I was there with my in-dream friend that I don't know in real life. He showed me something that looked really cool. He got from the bottom all the way to the top, only using his legs. So I definitely wanted to try that, and he gave me tips. So I basically kept training that specific trick so I could master it. Eventually I could do it with relative ease and I was pretty fast as well. All of a sudden... Guess who's there again... My crush. She stood like at the outside, and she looked through the fence. And for some reason I wasn't uncomfortable at all. So I had this perfect idea: Show off my trick in front of her. So I did and she smiled at me. Okay this like what, the fourth time my crush has appeared in my dreams out of the 7 times? To be honest I really thought I was over her in real life, but apparently she keeps coming back when I'm dreaming. I'm gonna try to do reality checks whenever I see her so maybe I will automatically do it when I see her in a dream.