Multiple Dreams

Date: 2/11/2017

By Sebestian

I dreamt that I was at an old lady's house and she was talking about how I should babysit her kid. Nick was there and told me if we took the job we could smoke abunch of weed and watch the kid. I took the job and we walked around the house. One room towards the back big Scott was drunk and blasting music. We then went to check on the kid and it was Michael. Then I was at a horse farm and was taking care of a baby horse. We got it into this boxcar convertible. It sat on this ladys lap,and she gave it a mint. It then stood up and I had to hold its legs to make sure it didn't fall out. The lady thought it needed to pee, so we stopped the car and let it out. Well the horse was now a pig, and it got caught in the barbed wire fence. Its leg was covered in blood, I got it free but the fence cut up my hands. There were holes all over my hands, and my thumbs were covered in blood. The pig got through the fence and started destroying all the crops. Then I woke up.