Date: 5/12/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I was at school and a girl was wearing my hoodie. I was angry with her and wanted my hoodie back ( I don't even know why she had it) so I pushed her against a wall and started undressing her violently to get it but noticed she was getting aroused and she told me "yes, undress me, with her eyes slightly rolled up and heavy breath. So I stripped her and started to caress her everywhere. As I got closer to her cunt she blabbered something like "ah touch me there! " then I was stroking her and I'll told her I'd made her cum, she was still wearing shorts. She kneeled down on a desk, I removed her pants and panties with my teeth. I started licking her cunt. Someone entered. He had a similar hoodie to mine, there was also a girl with another one. I told them " I created a trend, haven't I?" and so I went on with the dripping cunt of that girl, started giving a head to the guy and then people went on entering the classroom, all with hoodies similar to mine.