My mom made me sit outside in a river...? Also performing fish

Date: 9/27/2019

By evp722

At the start of this dream I had just woken up and walked around, but my house was really different. It was this big fancy mansion with really high ceilings and tall windows. I was standing on a balcony that led to a staircase which led down to where my parents and younger brother were sitting at a table, apparently eating breakfast. I looked out the window and realized my house was right next to a river. Also it was raining a lot outside and the clouds were grey. My dad and brother got up and disappeared somewhere, and my mom started walking towards me. Then she literally told me to go sit outside. IN THE RAIN. ON A RIVER. The next thing I know, I’m sitting on this flat rock in the middle of the river. It was a wide river and luckily didn’t have a heavy flow, so I didn’t get that wet. I saw my brother sitting on another rock 20 feet away from me. The river quieted even more so that the water was mostly flat, not even trickling a lot. About 50 big fish jump up out of nowhere and start flipping themselves over doing tricks and stuff. Then these flat, bright green fish that I somehow knew were called “morph pods” came and fit themselves together like puzzle pieces, and came in packs of 5 or so. They all went around my brother and I pointed at him and yelled “LOOK! THE MORPH PODS!” He wasn’t even surprised or anything. That was it.