Creepy Spider

Date: 4/6/2017

By ace200

I saw an old dollhouse inside of a creepy house I was in. It was dark and dusty, and I was with another girl. We seemed to become a part of the dollhouse without really realizing it. I was finding clues that led me to believe someone else was in the dollhouse. I was hearing noises. Whenever I got closer to discovering who else was in the house, the person would try to scare and hurt me. When I would open cabinets in the kitchen, something would be thrown at me like a plate. I got very close to discovering who the person was by finding a piece of paper with the name "Natalie" or "Natasha" or something that began with an N. I said the name out loud to the other girl with me and an enormous, angry black spider came out and screamed. That was the other person in the house named Natasha and was angry I knew her name. So I tried to fight her off and ran around the dollhouse. She disappeared eventually, but would come out of no where when I turned corners. It was very creepy and reminded me of the movie Coraline.