Weed brownie

Date: 4/25/2019

By larrybestboi

I had a dream where it was my first day of 7th grade . It was rely scarey But it was still gDRSD but in . When I was organizing my locker . I look over to this kid that was getting yelled at the principal. His name is Calvin . He’s is a nerd . The locker under me was Jasons . I also remover that my old friend Syidnie was walking around and giving people antidote , cuz Calvin was selling weed brownies. The principal welled to Calvin that “YOUR KILLING PEOPLE WITH THIS, YOU CANT BE HERE ANYMORE “ . He gave me the weed brownie before class, but I didn’t eat it . Sydnie then RAN and gave me the antidote. I also. Saw rhat in mrs Coplands room. Eyob didn’t have his recorder. It was a recorder class . Then I woke up