Digital art, Imagine a scene where llamas, Taco Bell and a missed opportunity for a romantic date all come together in an unexpected way.

Llamas, Taco Bell, and the date that could've been

Date: 7/21/2017

By MsBananaNanner

At some point I was at a fair, and we (not sure who I was with) were really interested in looking at the llamas. We kept sneaking around behind the pens and behind porta pottys to get to other parts of the fair. ... There was some other part that's really hazy now, but I was try to solve some case, like I was a PI or something idk, and then the bad guy started coming after me...I hid in a Taco Bell. ... I'm at the bar in a fancy restaurant with I think Ali, and this guy I kind of like irl. Ali was busy making faces at me every time the guy wasn't looking. Finally she decides to head out so that we can *conveniently* be alone together. He then announces that he's made some plans for later and that I'm supposed to come with him. I'm surprised, but happily oblige. He's busy looking on his phone for a few minutes, "confirming a reservation" he says. I take the time to compose myself so I don't come off as some idiot and say something stupid. We head out of the restaurant, and out onto the rooftop balcony. There are a few dozen people up there, and a big projector screen is set up. The sun is just about to go down, and everyone is getting settled in lawn chairs and on blankets and stuff. We find a blanket somewhere and he starts laying it out. I was really happy because it was so romantic and this guy seemed to actually be into me. I didn't have a jacket, I guess, so he gave me his and we sat next to each other. It was a really beautiful moment. Everything was bathed in golden sunlight. Soon the stars would be out. He was even about to put his arm around me. And then my parents and my grandparents showed up. They piled in with a whole bunch of lawn chairs real obnoxious like, and everyone was staring, and they wanted to sit right behind us. Needless to say, the mood was ruined, and the date was essentially over. Boo. Terrible dream was terrible.