62. Sea vacation gone wrong

Date: 6/8/2017

By Raul

I am with my family at the sea. We were walking the streets near the seashore when a gipsy kid came up and put a knife to my throat to steal my money when my dad asked him what was he doing I disarmed him and cased him away. Later that day we were at a weding. There another gipsy kid was picking everyones pockets. When he got to ower table and tried to pick my pocked I kicked his teeth outh with the back of my head and told him to fick off. A few hours latter the police came and took a couple of people who were smoking weed, incliding one of my friends. A couple more hours latter a gamg of douchebags armed woth guns came to the weding, killed a few people to prove a point, stole everything of value and kidnapped a few of the guests, including myself, for entertanment. I managed to sweet talk them into letting me go but they took all my clothes for a laugh. it was verry cold and i found a taxi. I got in and realised there is no way to get to the hotel were I was staying or reach my family since I had no memory of the hotel name or any of my family members phone number. I hear a phone ringing and quickly realise it's my alarm clock and it was time to wake up. 😧