truck crash/ house sitting - 8/1/17

Date: 8/4/2017

By paleandpeachy

i was house sitting and i was sitting up high somewhere and friends that i didn't wanna be around came and left and came back and i was trying to help erica bc she had just gotten her period for the first time which was weird because she's 21 and i couldn't hear and headphones kept ending up back in my ears and i made her tea in pretty bird mugs and when people left i fell asleep and had a dream in my dream i was stoned and driving and i didn't know where i was and nothing looked like a road and i kept seeing big chess pieces and they were smooth and then i saw a big truck in front of me turn on its blinker on a bridge over water and it just drove off the bridge and i was traumatized and needed to stop driving but couldn't see anything and then i woke up from that but still in my dream and people were walking back into the house and i felt stoned even tho we hadn't smoked. then i was in a car in a grocery parking lot with a few different people they were all pretty girls and we saw other pretty girls outside the car dancing around and i wanted to be with them but my friends didn't want me to get out but they knocked on our car door so i got out and started dancing but it was uncontrollable and i was flying all over and running into things but the pretty girls were laughing and i was smiling and i was wearing tights and a dress