THE GREAT ... pancake eating contest

Date: 6/3/2017

By weaselpuppy

there was more before this but this is all I remember, I was in Toris house but the living room was huge and the kitchen was upstairs. I was eating breakfast with mom and dad and a hole bunch of people I didn't know and some how it turned into a pancake eating contest. me and my friend(who I didn't notice before) stuffed some pancake into our mouths, the rules of the game was who ever could fit the most pancake in their mouth won the round. I fit 1 and 1/4 pancake in my mouth with out stuffing any in my cheeks. the pancakes where about 4-5 inches in diameter and 1/2 in. high. Then this guy was going around asking how much pancake people had in their mouths, I used my fingers to tell him and he seemed impressed so I spit out the pancake and he yells OOOOHH, 15!!!!!!! I am so confused but then he walked over to my my dad and said that he was the winner because dad had the pancake in his mouth for 20 minutes. I was disappointed but I try ed again this time fitting 2 pancakes in my mouth. I didn't win. Then this guy came over and said that he was the champion and call enge me to a contest between me and him, I really wanted to win so we started he shredded 2 pancakes and put them in his mouth looking proud of himself. I did the same and I remember thinking is that all he can fit in his mouth I could do 3 more at least. then we just wait there until the judge says we can spit the pancake out so we did and I was waiting for him to anounce the winner when he turns to my dad who is laughing (I don't kow how, he had pancake in his mouth) and dad is the winner again. somewhere during all of this the guy who challenged me told me he was 20 years old, the guy was also short and Chinese, he was kinda cute. then the dream switched to something else but I don't remember what it was.