Gotta Help My Friend Hide the Blood

Date: 8/11/2017

By precociousoceans

I was walking down a busy highway, on the sidewalk, when I saw a friend of mine from high school carrying two buckets and a plastic cooler turn onto the same street a ways in front of me. I hurried over to ask if I could help and to say hi. He told me that it'd be great if I could and informed me of how his employers were having him carry over these containers of blood from their place of work to another location. I didn't question why they handled blood or why he didn't use a car, I just agreed to help carry it. Once we walked a few yards, him leading, he walked towards a community patio at this hotel on the side of us and the road. He mentioned something about how we could either find a shortcut through it or that it lead to somewhere secret, but regardless we started climbing up to one of the low roofs with out containers of blood. He went ahead, clearly experienced with this and the route, and I tried to follow. I lost my footing and dropped my blood bucket, which, when it landed, almost stood up straight but then fell to its side after spinning. The blood in it spilled everywhere. To my defense, the buckets didn't even have a lid, lol. I called up to my friend and he said it was ok, that he'd just have to go get another one. We were about to leave when I noticed a door open on the hotel and entered it. Inside they was a cache of food and snack with a note that said "take what you need". I took whatever looked most delicious, something chocolate and cream filled but I can't remember what. My friend noticed and helped himself as well. As far as we were concerned, we were just as in need for those sugary treats as anyone, being poor young adults just out of highschool. I decided, on a more nefarious note, that I'd come back later and take every single box of pop tarts they had. (They had the Chocolate fudge Sunday ones, so how was I supposed to dodge that temptation?)