6. I've had the worst dream ever

Date: 5/28/2017

By blankfoote

My wife, son, and I were at this mansion type thing and we were there for some military thing that my in laws were getting money from, which is weird cause they have nothing to do with military in real life. So my family were told to stay in this house and we would go to the mansion for the day and sleep at the house. So while we were at this mansion, I remember getting chocolate, lolly pops, and gummy bears which I gave to my eleven month old son who in real like wouldn't be allow gummy bears or lolly pops without our supervision. So he's happy, eating them and my wife and I are happy and while I'm walking around the mansion, I see other people. This dream felt like it was in the course of days. I walked by the pool and I had this weird feeling that something bad was about to happen and it had nothing to do with me. I go in and someone kills someone else, I'm assuming it's my father in law but I really can't remember and they leave and I remember they're just killing people by knife and silenced pistols, all the while, ignoring me but I was scared that if I brought their attention to me they would kill me. I remember seeing my wife and baby boy and we try to leave, and we're shoving passed people and I remember being about half a mile away from the mansion and looking bad. Cops are there and all this stuff and I didn't have my wife or baby. Confused, I went in to the house they gave us that was right there and my mother in law, who hadn't gone was in there. She was leaning over the tub on the toilet, upset cause my father in law wasn't getting money anymore cause he was dead so she wasn't getting money. So I tried comforting her by saying, " if you need a place to stay for a little bit, I mean a little bit, I can help, I mean I don't want to sound like a jerk by saying ONLY a little bit but you can stay in..." and then I remembered someone told me(I don't know when or how) that my wife and son were dead, both stabbed to death while in the mansion. I started blaming myself, thinking, I should've grabbed my son, at least. They were going to stab someone, and my wife can't run, I had to save my son, not losing the fast that I would've been devastated to lose my wife as well(dream brain thinking) and I felt this more than overwhelming feeling of complete dread, depression, and sadness rush in to me at the same time. I dropped to the ground and said," oh no, my Anthony!" and the most painful tears I had ever cried began forcing their way out of my eyes. Then I thought, there's no way, I can't live without my son, I need him, this can't be real, and I woke up, shaking in bed. (I work nights and sleep during the day, so no one but my dog was in my bed with me). I immediately began praying, " please don't be real, please don't be real, please tell me that didn't happen." I've never been so happy to see my wife and son than I was when I awoke.