I make for a poor whore

Date: 3/4/2017

By Cohbria

I was on a merchant raft/boat/dock. Everything was made out of wood. From what I understood I worked at a brothel on this raft. A woman was showing me around and where to put my street clothes and check in for my shift. I went to the bathroom to change and saw a girl I knew hanging over a toilet, cupping handfuls of water and sniffing it. She played in the water for awhile. There was a girl in the next stall over sitting on the floor. She had a devilish look. I don't know if she was another working girl or a client. I end up fingering her vigorously and she squirted all over my hand. A committee/board of people popped into my head and I was being reprimanded. I didn't understand why. I, along with the other girls were ushered out of the bathroom and on to the floor. There was entertainment in the center of the room. Life sized civil war Lego reenactors. They were standing in a firing position. Their range of motion was being displayed. The woman that showed me around earlier came back and told me I had three clients. They were older and dirty looking. I walked around and avoided them. One followed me. I met up with a guy, Ben, and I got on his small motorized boat. I had to leave. On the way out I saw one my friends, Nick, with a look of confusion on his face.