Game support

Date: 6/10/2019

By Aler

I am at a convention and a woman asks if I want to support her board game. It’s not ready yet, but she’s very excited. We chat and I give her $60. I look at the manual, and see that it’s 2008. I realize that this must be a dream. I wake up, and remember the dream. The woman’s name is familiar so I look it up. I phone her, and ask if she has a moment to chat. She remembers her old game and agrees to send me a copy. She works at the local comic shop, so I can just pick it up. The game is about an all-female band of adventurors. (Of course, I never woke up. This is also the dream. Sadly, the woman and the game only exist in my brain) In a second dream, I am in a live action version of a horror game, like a haunted house. The theme is that demonic eateries are using people for profit, as resources or currency. It’s a pretty obvious metaphor for capitalism, but my sleepy mind is impressed. A projected video is triggered by inserting bones into a fake arm. The rooms are all very dark, and even my phone flashlight st maximum brightness only gives the tiniest glimmer of light. The rooms are obviously constructed (with visible technology and wooden doors) but it’s still very scary.