Work got weird

Date: 5/9/2017

By kake00

It started with me at work doing my business when a girl who I know came waking in. She was holding a giant lollipop for me. She said "look what it can do" and she thrusters it into the air. When she did that it lights up like a torch. I was very confused. So as I'm getting ready to leave work now I go get the lollipop. Stop and throw up first idk why. Then I thrust the lollipop in the air and... nothing. Oh well I left. As I was leaving a kid was on the stage and was throwing a temper tantrum. I thought "well not my problem I'm off" and I left as I got in my car to drive away I crashed into the side of the building but kept going. Now this is the part I'm mad about I was driving home and my work isn't far from my house. It's right down the road and as I was driving the road was very different and long. I got to like this cave and someone was in there living w me. Then I woke up