Trish at the Highschool

Date: 2/22/2017

By Aunruh

It was a group of us, including Haisam and his ex wife. I think Sandra and her husband was there too. We were walking down the hallways of Warhill highschool and Sam and I got into an argument, i dont know about what, but i didnt want to talk to him. So i walked ahead of them, and Sam was frustrated with me. We walked out the back to the bus lot. We were talking with Che and Sandra by a couple cars, then we decided to sit at a picnic bench, Trish was sitting across from me wearing a blue hoodie, probably her Everest one. I remember looking at her and feeling upset with Sam, and feeling her upset with me. Sam i think was sitting beside me. The sun was out, i couldnt really see Trish's face but i knew it was her by the feeling and because of her hair, which was blonde with a little bit of dark roots. The sun was bright in her hair. The bus lot was a little busy, but mostly it was us four. And I was upset with Sam but i dont remember why.