My favorite dream was a nightmare

Date: 5/16/2017

By blankfoote

So I had this dream a long time ago, can't exactly remember when but all I remember from it was that by the time I woke up, I couldn't say it was a "Bad dream". In the dream, I remember it starting out as me with members of a band, like school band, I was a trumpet player, and my band director told me to go in the traveling trailer to get something, and that's when I got scared. For some reason, I began freaking out and when I went in to the trailer, I became like a "haunted maze" where people in costumes would jump out to scare you on purpose but in my mind, I thought they were actual monsters trying to kill me. So I'm running and hiding through out this place that's a couple stories high when I go in to this room, where there's no monsters. The mood didn't change but I wasn't scared anymore and there was this door that I had the uncontrollable urge to open. When I opened it, I was filled with a heavy amount of joy, forcing a smile upon my face. It was a door to the middle of the sky. There were clouds around, it was peaceful and bright. I stepped out and stood on the air, there was no ground under me, close or far, I wasn't falling, I was just there. I then heard a voice reading a story and it was a manuscript of a novel that I would soon write. I then woke up, confused as to what it meant exactly but even though it was terrifying at certain points I really liked the dream.