{1 Dream} I Didn't Want His You Know What To Be Cut Off [Lucid] (Tue Aug,15 2017)

Date: 8/15/2017

By Sorrnin

I am racing with some people on my wii. Then I am done and I realize I am dreaming and I am in my grandparents house. I go to the sliding glass door and I leave and go to this other building and I am in a room full of guys. This lady is giving some lecture and my head is resting on one of the guys crotches. I am horny and I just want to have sex. So I turn around to face this guy that my head was leaning on and I start making out with him and then I get up and take him into a different room. I hear people talking about how they are going to remove his penis and I did not want that. I said to the guy, "put your dick in me!" And we had sex. Then I am trying to hide him from the people that want to remove his penis. Then I wake up.