Moving into a previous generation

Date: 4/16/2019

By SuddenlyPortals

I had a dream that I was going back to college, and I was meeting up with someone I used to know and we were trying to have sex and so we went to my old dorm room and we didn’t have a lock anymore and I was trying to fix the lock and that wasn’t working and she was getting impatient she wanted to leave. It really felt like we’re both from a different generation than the current kids who were talking about Harry Potter and our references were like pulp fiction. Well I couldn’t fix the lock and then she eventually just left. Before that part, I was actually living in a really nice home and I think I was moving out, but I had a lot of friends in the queer community, Christianna was there and we were still friends, and I was dating a cute non-binary person with a shaved head, and we were cuddling a lot, and people would regularly come to my home and hang out. It’s like I moved out of one generation and moved into an earlier generation.