Date: 8/3/2017

By LegacyJM

I got home recently and layed on my bed and fell asleep. My sleep started with my cousins they were going to Mexico with their other family and they were on top of a truck and they had something connected to a wire. I disconnected it and it had a three way, and I asked my cousin, "this too?" And he said "no not the squadra (a tool)" I was confused and said "the squadra? Don't you mean the three way?" And he said "oh yeah the three way lol wtf" and I was just thinking "wtf" then I was walking back and as I was walking back I heard him say "we are the chosen ones" then my other cousin, a girl, tapped me on my arm and told me to help her pick something up, and I went over to her and as I was bending down to pick up what seemed like a large long brick, her mom (my aunt) said "no anahi not that big one, just this small one!" And she picked up a small brick. I was then in the car with my parents and my attention went to the clock, and it said 5:30, which is the time I'm supposed to go to work. I was thinking, "wtf I'm supposed to be at work right now! This is weird, I just took a nap at around 2 in the afternoon how is it 5:30 that fast?! This feels like the dreams I have of when I dream of being late to work or when I don't go at all. I should've just called out". Then my mom who was in the passenger seat asked if I was hungry or if I wanted to stop by a fast food restaurant for some food. Once she said that, everything just zoomed out like if going back to the past and something slammed, which happened to be my sister closing the door and waking me up.