The Murder

Date: 8/20/2017

By safvy

As I'm walking around an extremely large apartment, there he stood. A deceased family friend killing the innocent. He would some-how gather groups of people on the patio & kill them.. he did that about three times and then he came over to me and shook my hand w/ knife & said "I'm about to go and scare your grandma" My mom is holding the door slightly open, I try and come up with an excuse on why I have to leave. I was scared out of my mind... I didn't know if he was going to try and kill us.. He sits down and I remember saying "I'm going to go outside to talk on the phone" when some way I blurted out "I can't stand that you killed all those people, I promise I won't call the cops" As if I knew he would be angry, I bolted off. I seen him get up, so timid to get away I ran rarely looking back to be sure I wasn't being followed. I then ran to the other side of the apartments when I see this large tree that sits tall next to the building I was soon to enter. There happen to be Tarzan ropes, in which I attempted to climb up. I ended up going way up to the tree which freaked me out I went all the way back down to take the stairs. After running up about 2 1/2 stories, I knock on a door ending in 2. The woman comes up behind me and says now we can go in. As she opens her door, it leads to the other side; of open space to the rest of the apartment building and the tree I was once fooling with. I refused to go in that way, asking why can't I just go through her bedroom door when all of a sudden a skater dude comes out of nowhere and says we can talk about it in my house. A flannel he wore, with black jeans, dark hair and very fair skin. A nice man he was.. "I know everything" he spoke calmly. Before we head over he invited everyone in the building he stayed in if they were interested in coming. He lived on the bottom floor, I only remember it being him & I going to his house and he was a little startled because he seen the murder a distance away. I never bothered to look the killer's way, as I go to turn the knob for him since he couldn't & I was anxious to get inside and hear what he had to say.. I awoke... I also remember going to this outside school, and I was the center of attention. I could sense the attention being on my from the guys only about 150 people (k-12 + teachers) As I remember, watching a teacher teach his students I started seeing diagrams. I can't remember of exactly what. I got the feeling the I should look into being a teacher.