i thought it was alright to stick snakes in my rat cage

Date: 2/13/2019

By em2002

jan 30 2019: for some reason i was keeping my rats in my grandmas basement on a little table? and i got two snakes but i didnt have tanks or carriers for them or anything so i put them in the rat cage with the rats and attached ropes around their corners as if that would keep them separate from the rats but the rats being rats they wanted to befriend their new cage mate so kaze went under the ropes to meet one of the snakes and at first the snake was too nervous i think so he just sat their watching her but later when kaze tried to visit him again the snake tried to grab her tail so i immediately grabbed the snake and pulled him away from kaze as he was snapping at her and trying to eat her hdjjddj so i took both of the snakes out of the cage and grabbed these old dog carriers i had for my stuffed dogs when i was little and i put them in there,, and i was like to my mom “we have to get them actual tanks and food what did we think we were doing” and yeah thats all