Waterparks and Dylan Sprouse

Date: 2/21/2017

By dystxpia

My boyfriend and I were on vacation on a beachy island. We were in this little hut right in the treeline so we had a gorgeous view of the beach. We were stressed and trying to figure out the timings for our next plane which would take us to 'Hollywood' but we couldn't figure out when it was taking of. We walk to the airport with our bags (it wasn't far and we didn't have a lot to carry) and went to go board out plane. Something had happned and there was an emergency and none of the pilots were there. The pushed us into a tiny plane and told my boyfriend he had to drive cuz he had a military background. We took off and he was able to fly us to our destination, but landed in the middle of highway/freeway. We shrugged and got off, walking down to the nearby beach as our hut we were renting was right around there. This Hollywood is very different then the one that actually exists.  This one has very Minimal roads and buildings and is a shore on one side and grassy valleys split up by small lakes and rivers on the other side. I want to explore but my boyfriend wants to stay at out hut and nap, so I go off without him. I walk on a path across the grassy area, passing hills and water landmarks until I come to a large building labeled "Hollywood Studios". I go inside and it's like a theme park entrance with many different gates. I pick one of them and it takes me to a fork. One side a male changing room, and the right ride the women's.  I go into the women's and it just looks like a pool changing room. I go into one of the stalls and hang my backpack up while I use the washroom. I exited the changing room and was in an large, fenced off circular area with a large, shallow, circular pool in the middle. The sky was soo blue and the water was crystal clear with blue/ white tiles creating a swirl design on the bottom of the pool. I cursed under my breath because I realized this was going to be a waterpark and I didn't have my bathing suits.  Nevertheless, I decided to continue and just come back with my bathing suit and boyfriend later. I went past more gates that seperste the areas, and was now in an area with the same size pool but deeper and had a large, white child's waterside all along the one side that you had to go under to get to the gate.  This pool was super busy, unlike the last which only had a few people walking around it. I quickly walked around the pool, ducking under the water slide and getting splashed a little but I was able to make it to where the next gates were. Through those was a water free area that had a bunch of young adults and older teenagers.  It was a multi level area that I guess was dedicated to Dylan Sprouse  (ok brain haha). There were realistic, slightly moving anamatronics of Dylan everywhere, and I really wanted to get a picture of/with one (in particular the one where he was sitting on a bench, smoking and looking like Jughead) but no one else was even noticing them or taking pictures so I thought that maybe they were just people that really looked like him. I get too stressed out and decide to leave, passing trough the two waterparks which got a lot more busy. Finally I got to the changeroom when I realized I left my backpack in earlier. I start looking through the stalls but can't find it and start freaking out. After a mini freak out, I find it hanging outside one of the stalls on the other side of the room. I grab it and start heading out and that's where I wake up.