post-alien attack?

Date: 9/2/2019

By Talon

In my dream, I was in this building that had a large pool of water in it. There was a staircase nearby, and the pool of water seemed to be on the upper level. The lighting was very dim. Everything was a shade of blue or gray. The floor was dark blue. There were other large rooms on the lower level. That is a brief description of the setting for you. These creatures broke into the building somehow. They were very large and dangerous. I don't recall what they looked like, but they could have been alien (like extraterrestrials). Everything started to flood, and it caused a mass panic. People were scrambling everywhere, and nobody cared about anyone else, just as long as they were safe So, in the midst of all this chaos, I was trying to make sense of it all and trying to figure out what I should do, because I had to get out of there. I left the building and noticed a woman getting into a car She saw me and told me to get in. I asked her if it was her car, and she said no. Outside, it was sunny and bright, it looked like a normal day. The vehicle she got into was really ugly, though. Haha The woman was a little taller than me, skinny, and had short black hair. She was wearing a white shirt and jeans, I think Anyways, she started to drive. I noticed someone I knew who was on the side walk and she looked panicked I asked the woman of we could pick her up too, but the woman said no and kept on driving. She told me that she wanted to take me somewhere special and had someone cool to show me.. She took me to a place where there had clearly been a bridge at some point, but now all that was left were the ropes and cables. It was stretched over a massive trench that seemed like it was bottomless. You could not see the end at all, and this terrified me. She told me that we had to cross. She forced me to go first. I was petrified and crossed very very slowly. While she was crossing, she was showing off by dangling with one hand, doing pullups and other ridiculous things to prove her strength. Maybe she was just on an adrenaline high or something. We finally made it to the other side. Once we got to the other side, it looked and felt completely different. It was safe, and everything looked like it was in order. The houses were nice and many of them had flower beds in the front yards. There were also some businesses that seemed to be operating. I found my grandma. She was living there. When I found her, I felt better. I was exploring the neighborhood, and noticed a really old piano. It was smaller than a regular piano, so it was likely a clavier or something... it had a word that began with a "C" written on it. The keys were wooden and were loose and falling apart. I played it anyways. If I was able to sit down at a piano, I could probably play what I was playing in the dream. While I was playing, a bunch of people gathered around to listen. After a little while, I stopped and then just started talking to everyone about the piano.we were looking at the keys and talking about how they were falling apart.