Criminals with huge hammers

Date: 4/23/2017

By weaselpuppy

Alexis and I have these giant hammers, each about as big as our head, and we are being chased by the police because we have committed a crime or something so we leave our lake house and we take the zip line over the lake. we have the hammers over our shoulders and it doesn't seem to unbalance us. we get into the town and the police keep finding us because every time we smash something we yell SMASH and we smash a lot of things. so finally we hide in this huge parking lot that all you can see are miles and miles of cars all lined up so we hide under one. we hear the police walking around looking for us. then a spider comes along and Alexis just has to smash it so we yell SMASH and kill the spider. then the police find us and we run away. Later In the dream we are still running from something and it really scarry so we have to smash all the windows in our school. I go and smash soren's head and it crushes like an appel then his head reforms and he runs off.