Forest Dementor

Date: 4/11/2019


You’re taking pictures of Alyssa and Rhys at a park when it started raining you called mom to come pick you up. She did it’s now very late at night you’re driving and suddenly mom pulls off onto a side road and bursts through a gate leading to a side road. You enter a very foggy forest with tons of twisty steep roads along huge cliffs. She’s driving out of control and over cliffs almost killing us a few times and she just shrugged it off likes its nothing. All of a sudden we get to this huge cliff wall lined with thick tree roots we have to climb to get to the top we’re too far out and im too scared to turn around so we can only go up. Mum somehow gets herself and the car up there, You’re trying your hardest to get up but there’s this dementor looking thing with an all white human like face watching over you and waiting to you get to the top you’re almost there but suddenly Mom is speeding away in the car and he’s just looking at you looking at his watch pretending to act like you’re taking forever you’re physically exhausted You’re terrified of this man and also falling and dying. As soon as you’re about to get to the top he starts reaching out for you to pull you off and then you wake up.