Date: 4/4/2017

By annonnnn

I was on the ocean with my brother, his friends, and my dad. For some reason we were going fishing and had to rent out a boat and equipment. As we rented everything out my friends showed up on another boat waiting to go out. As we continued to fish one of my brothers friends I hadn't seen in a long time became suddenly sooooooo fucking attractive. After fishing we went back to my house for a street party. Everyone had come that had been fishing plus my other friends. As everyone was running around doing there thing I was with my two friends Bryan and Greg, then all of the sudden the loml jaymes comes over and starts talking with us. When he later walks away I tell Bryan that literally he is the loml (exaggerating but not really) After I told bryan he kept mocking me and I knew he was going to tell him. After jaymes finally got the hint he didn't say anything just kind of left it alone. Later as everyone was playing baseball together, I got hit in the back by a baseball from Jaymes friend Scott and started crying because it hurt. Everyone just thought it was funny but I just walked away, and roamed around the neighborhood alone, I saw jaymes riding his bike looking to find me. I instantly was like the happiest person, yet he got out of reach so I had to chase him so he knew i was there. lol Finally we caught up to each other and had the longest hug ever, EVER. As we walked around the neighborhood the night grew darker and the party was ending. He was talking to me about certain things I now can't remember but I remember asking him, Is this all a dream? and He said no it's not it's real. But i continued to plea and say this is a dream isn't it... and instantly woke up to find my heart broken :/