fight for my life

Date: 1/17/2017

By max

Me and my friends were in an old lady's house and she told us there was no way we can leave and her daughters were going to come soon to kill us. We were all freaking out and tried to leave but for some reason we couldn't. A little later these two women came in the room and they were acting nice and for some reason we didn't know they were the daughters that were going to kill us. All of the sudden I put it together in my head and realized who they were and I yelled get down they're gonna kill us! We hid behind the bed as they were shooting at us with shotguns. One of the women crawled under the bed to try to get us from the other side but I went around and tried to grab her out by the ankles but I couldn't do it. Then austin, with a chainsaw, cut the legs of the bed off so the one women was trapped under it. The other lady was beating jim up on the ground so I picked up a big cinder block and threw it at her head and then laughed.