Demons of Regret

Date: 9/29/2019

By Allforwhat

Here’s the dumb down version: The dream was like a video game where if you fail, you start over. It started off in a school and established the setting including my mysterious tragic past and my classmates. The day is a half day but before we leave, the teacher wants us to run some sort of team building race in two groups. Which ever side wins gets something special. The race starts and both teams are sent off, but at different times. The team I’m not on is given a 5 minute head start and a route map. Then our team starts to run. Another person on our team is given the route map and tells us to split up to go to different parts of the school. I end up going to some room in the school and get knocked out and wake up way past my appointment. My aunt whom I’m living with freaks out when I come home. Tells me how important that appointment was and how expensive it is for a missed appointment. I go to bed and have a strange dream where faceless people are lining my room. My dead parents then enter the room and ask me if I want to know who I really am or if I’m just content living as whatever I am now. I don’t actually get the chance to verbalize an answer. I look in the mirror and see that my face is missing and a mask of my face is currently in the hands of my mother who throws it into the raging house fire that is happening behind them. I wake up back in the room I was knocked out in at school. From there, I have to save myself and my classmates from versions of their past selves created from regret (Regret Demons)One these selves end up murdering you, they would take over your body and live their new life from now on in a less regretful way. Each person has multiple past selves and they are in cahoots with every time else who is trying to take over the lives of others. The school ground where this all takes place has become a weird mixed reality that seems to reflect the past of all those people who have past selves after them. There are also Envy Demons. These are people who have rightfully been envious of your life and think that you either haven’t been grateful enough for it, or wasted it. These people also get to inhabit your body once they murder you. The rest of the dream is me running around, restarting a lot, solving various puzzles, getting weird visions that hint at what I need to do, and lots of frustration. The restart mechanic meant that I would have to work through the problems and that dying wouldn’t just solve everything.