Mermaid girl & dream boy

Date: 8/10/2019

By sleepyhan

So in the beginning, Barr with me this was like two-3 nights ago so it’s a little hazy, but I somehow saw this guy and we used to dated but then something happened, not bad, just maybe he had to leave for a while or something so we either broke up or we’re on a break or something and he was really happy to see me and I was really happy to see him and the whole time/ dream we just did like little couple things. Like not even big dates or extravagant adventures. Like we did the thing where we compared hand sizes and he cruised mine with his and we laid on the couch and cuddle and he hugged me from behind and then a while later we were in a kitchen and I hugged him and we swayed and it was just cute little things like that the whole time. But then it switched and I think he was still involved but I don’t think he was a main part. My best friend asked me to come to this thing for her sisters wedding and she(her sister) was on this big stage and I was in the crowd which was like layers of sand and for some reason I was in this kind of wheelchair and so was everyone else and then her sister made her speech and then at the end I kept doing like gold jewelry in the sand. I mean like it was never ending. I was just pulling out all these necklaces and earrings and braclets and they were all different. Idk weird :/