Where am I going?

Date: 3/21/2017

By PLUT520

it started in a mall. I was unfamiliar with it. I saw a restaurant and walked into it. An old classmate greeted me at the front. I saw 6 other older classmates at a roundtable. I felt uncomfortable to see them again. I said hi to them, and walked out. Other people I didn't know said hi, I said hi. At a bench in the mall, I saw an old teacher. I decided to ask her about her life. we told each other what we've been doing these past 6 years. She told me to come to her house to help her sow. I did, grew bored and walked out. I was walking down a unfamiliar street in a unfamiliar city. There was a festival going on because everyone was walking around in white clothes with splattered paint on them, with Hola hoops and alcohol. I received a snap chat, looked at it and saw it was an old lover who was getting close with a new man. She had the same festive clothes on. I thought "She must be here, in this city! I want to see her." But after some thought, I realized I didn't want to be a thorn in her side. She was clearly happy, there's no reason to see her. I didn't message her back, put the phone back in my pocket and continued walking around aimlessly. I stumbled across some military men, they were all having a good time. I was kinda hungry and they had food. But I ignored them and continued on my path with no destination. One of them ran up to me and asked if I wanted some food. I turned him down. He said if I ever needed anything, he would gladly help. I gave him a smile, said thanks and continued walking. I kept walking, until a yellow neon ball bounced in front of me and split into a 5 separate balls. I gathered them all up, and squished them back into 1. My hands were glowing the same colour as the ball. it kind of hurt. A man in a lab coat in a balcony above me told me to bring the ball to him, and that he'd fix my hand before it got worse. I walked into his lab, filled with gadgets and other sciency things. I gave him the ball, he took a rag and wiped the yellow stuff off my hand. it no longer hurt. I looked around the room. One of the "inventions" zapped a computer, and a sharp piece of the computer went flying at the strange man in the lab coat. He used a strange tool, zapped the flying computer part before it hit him, and it simply fellow to the floor with a clunk. I asked him what that was. He said that the gadget infects other machines and has them try to kill people. I asked him why he doesn't break it. He told me a lot of people would die if he did. Then he asked me "Would you like to be my assistant? I can promise you an interesting, adventurous life." I said yes with no question, and then I woke up.