Crazy Supermarket Party

Date: 3/22/2017

By negrita

I just remember being at a random huge supermarket with hundreds of people around my age. The lights were off in the back and there was music and employees singing karaoke on their breaks and the boss didn't even know. There were people sitting and talking on flower displays and people dancing. I ended up having sex with some dude from my job, and right after I made out with a girl that looked just like Melanie (a girl I met years ago). I'm pretty sure it was her. I was touching and rubbing on her pussy too, about to fuck. She was one of those "innocent girls". I think I remember arguing with someone who looks like Mickey from Shameless, and I yelled "that's why I fucked Melanie" and everyone heard. Makes absolutely no sense because he wasn't even with her in my dream, he was with Ian.... I guess Melanie didn't hear me say it and she gave me a big hug before she left. This is random but my mother passed her this umbrella tampon thing..... I also went shopping with my mother before this supermarket party and she got me a whole bunch of shit, but then I didn't want to push the cart anymore and she threw all my shit on the sidewalk outside. She didn't buy it lol. Anyway, at the supermarket party, I was just walking around aimlessly like "why is this happening?" and I ate leftover cheesecake and dealt with fireworks and watched Mickey and Ian from Shameless beat each other's asses because Ian wanted to break up lol.