Date: 7/4/2019

By myme

I was dreaming that I was in space again when the dream took me into warp, and I dropped out near a pulsar. This experience was interesting because I had always wanted to see what a pulsar looked like. Perspectively, it looked like a small purple fuzz jumping and spinning like a happy toddler. This happy toddler was several times the mass of the sun, about the size of the earth, and constantly flooded out gamma wave frequency light. Directed out to about the orbit of Saturn, I saw a large red orb, larger than Jupiter. It had a rocky francium radium mantle, a roentgenium core, and a radon atmosphere. Occasionally, the radon pools until the pressures reach little over 1000 atmospheres, where it enters into its plasma state and turns purple. At this point, it begins to produce heavier elements like francium and radium that settle to the surface until they can evaporate back into radon. There are not many of what you or I would consider creatures that dwell here, the creatures that do live here have adapted to its climate and evolved to breathe radon. They are not really equipped to breathe anything in else. One notable creature is like a kappa of deep space. They are black with Brady red compound eyes, claw like fingers, rough armored skin, and a thick, tough, rounded outer shell. They are all female, where the mothers that produce them are hollow on the inside. Their mothers have simple stomachs that first exite nuke material to the plasma state, then using its energy to drive daily processes. Each mother ship can staff 16 daughters and is able to live in deep space. If one of their daughters is caught in deep space, it first seals wall orifices, then it dumps antifreeze into its bloodstream. Then it goes into hibernation as it’s temperature drops. After that, it’s reserve brain activates, and flies the creature through space. This brain is much more like a processor, requiring only photosynthesis for energy. They are capable of moving at warp speed, though in regular flight they are slow and clumsy. They each have 4 lasers at the sides of their bellies.