New Boarding School

Date: 5/27/2017

By notyourdolly

I was sent to a new school, and some of the people I had gone to school with in elementary school were there as well. Some of the people who went to the school were Bradley, Braden, Brianna, Justin, and Wesley. I was friends with them again, and we all hung out as a group. They weren't the same as they were back in elementary school; they were nicer. I had a crush on Wesley and always tried to spend as much time with him as possible. The problem was, the teachers and staff were incredibly strict and mean. They always looked for an excuse to give my group detention and get us in trouble. What made things worse was that this school was a boarding school. The girls and boys lived in separate dorms and the opposite sex wasn't allowed into the other's dorm. Also boys and girls weren't allowed to hang out anywhere considered private, no matter how large the group. Dating wasn't allowed. Two people of the opposite sex weren't allowed to hang out at all by themselves. So I couldn't even talk to Wesley alone. Eventually I snuck him a note telling him to meet me in this old unused classroom that I found. I knew no one would find us there because it's dirty and no one ever uses it. So he met up with me, and I told him that I liked him. He said he liked me back, and then we kissed. We didn't spend too long in the classroom because we didn't want people wondering where we were. We continued to meet there for weeks. The teachers knew that we were seeing each other, but they couldn't catch us or prove it. One day, our group decided that we had enough. We whispered and made plans with the other students. The teachers suspected something but couldn't figure it out. One day, during my group's lunch, the whole school rebelled against the teachers. We overpowered them and made them submit to our demands. All the unfair rules were removed, so that meant Wesley and I could publicly date. The dream ended with us walking down the hall, holding hands, and smirking at all the teachers who passed us.