Gas Tank Man

Date: 4/3/2017

By sarahmarie9241

So I dreamt that I started working at a bakery. I went to leave for my first day of work and my car wouldn't start. I called an uber and as we were driving we got rear ended. We got out of the car to see if the person was okay, but there was no one in the driver seat. The gas tank popped open. There was a strange looking old man inside with alien-like eyes. He wouldn't speak to us. He pulled himself out of the gas tank and started growing all these flesh sacks all over his body and the only thing he would say to us to "Airbags" over and over. I can't explain the stare he was giving us, it was the oddest thing. He went to sit in our car, but instead of the passenger seat. He just sat on the passenger side floor, and continues to stare at me and the driver. I woke up with the worst headache and bloodshot eyes.