Ex-Boyfriend, a hotel, and GOD

Date: 7/15/2017

By toxxicduck

In my second dream, I was dating my ex Nainoa again. I was actually happy about it too. He was being super nice and attentive and showing me off to people as his girlfriend. We lived together and were actually making it work. We lived on an island, but it didn't look anything like Hawai'i (we lived on Big Island irl), there were pine trees and it was more like the Pacific Northwest. We lived near a grand hotel that we went to often. It was on the ocean and had a dock area for boats. I remember walking on the dock and enjoying the feeling and sound of the wood beneath my feet. Nainoa and I held hands and smiled and kissed and it was really great. Kind of sad and weird considering I hate the guy now and am with someone new who didn't even come up in the dream... In front of the hotel, as I was leaving for the day, I approached some people I knew (not irl), who were part of an ensemble that played at the hotel. A short older woman with dark hair was in charge, and the two others were men. One was taller and in a suit, and had balding hair, while the other was scrawny and blonde and was wearing a yellow shirt. They had a pile of music equipment between them. The woman shoved a book of music in my hands and told me I was going to be playing with them tomorrow at 5am and needed to practice. Even though I haven't played my tenor in years and knew it would be difficult to refresh in such a short amount of time, I was just like "okay, sounds good". The balding man standing next to the lady gave me a tiny book that had something to do with God. The letters GOD were huge on the front, and there was smaller print below it, but I don't remember what it was. It was a shiny aquatic blue cover. I don't know if it was a Bible or what, but the guy wanted me to read it. I took it and said I would. The dream fastforwarded to the next day. I rode to the hotel on a motorcycle, and I had a sweet leather motorcycle getup and sleek helmet. I had my saxophone case strapped to my back and looked really awesome haha. But I was starting to freak out. I wasn't ready to play my saxophone in front of anyone and was scared I forgot how to play it. I went to the bathroom and went poop (lol I keep dreaming about pooping lately...idk why). When I was finished, I accidentally dropped the GOD book into the toilet as I flushed. I panicked and had an internal argument about it in my head "oh shit, that guy will be pissed I lost his book. But maybe if I just don't say anything about it, he'll just forget about it, or something." But in the end I decided I needed to get that book back. Somehow, I was able to follow the toilet pipe to where it led (it wasn't as gross as that sounds). I ended up in a room were the pipe emptied out into a thing where the sewage was drained and random objects were put out onto a conveyor belt. There was a whole bunch of random junk that people had evidently flushed down the toilet. Next to the conveyor belt was a tiny desk where several notepads were sitting. They all were blank except for a different word at the top of each one. I don't remember the words except for one being "Reflections", indicating the point of the notepad. I was very intrigued by the notepads, and wanted to steal one just 'cause, but decided not to. I guess someone would sit at the desk and sort through the random junk that went through the toilet. I managed to find the GOD book. It was dry, but I could see some fainted brown stains on the pages now. I opened to a random page and found a disgusting lump of hair that had some goop on it. I was relieved I found it though and could return it (not considering the guy would still be pissed about me staining it). I exited the weird sewage room onto a balcony on the hotel. There were a bunch of people sitting around in lawn chairs. I started to act nonchalant about being in the secret toilet room, but then I woke up.